Leaders in Shrink Sleeved Cans

Fast Track Packaging offers customers quick turnaround times and flexible production runs.


Sleeve Capabilities & Technologies

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  • Get the shelf appeal your can deserves!
  • Over 20,000 holographic patterns to choose from
  • Any coloured design can be back with a holographic pattern

shrink sleeved cans

Matte Varnish (Textured Feel)

  • Give your beer can a unique look and feel from all other beers
  • Add some grip to an otherwise slippery, wet, ice cold can!
  • Enhance your customer’s overall experience of your brand
shrink sleeved cans

Matte & Gloss Combinations

  • Combine a matte finished can with glossy features to create real contrast in your artwork

craft beer sleeve

Textured & Glittered Ink

  • Leverage textured ink to give a sandpaper feel to certain graphics on your can
  • Leverage glittered ink to make certain designs on your can pop off the shelf
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Textured Raised Ink

  • Make 4-Packs with a unique shrink sleeve
  • Make 4-Pack Samplers with 4 different beer brands


How it Works

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Custom Private Labelled Sleeved Cans

PakTech Can Carriers

Multiple configurations
Eye catching design
Custom colours
100% Recyclable
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Other Products

  • Custom 24 trays
  • Custom Keg Collars
  • Custom Coasters
  • Pressure-sensitive labels

    Why Fast Track Packaging?


    • We don’t have long lists of rules for our customers to abide by
    • We don’t charge extra fees to accommodate special needs
    • We can do specialized runs for unexpected increases in demand

    Customer service

    • We are not here to be your supplier. We want to form a partnership with your company to help each other grow
    • We will always have a supply of cans
    • We will never call customers last minute and cancel their orders

    Inventory Program

    • We will allow you to buy long-term forecasts of sleeves for each of your brands to reduce your cost
    • We will inventory these sleeves for you and apply them on an as-need basis

    Custom, Small Volume Digital labels

    • We can partner with you to design and produce a small volume of unique, custom cans for speciality events, corporate gatherings, weddings, etc.
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    Contact Us

    Fast Track Packaging
    34 Robin Rd
    Guelph, ON N1L 1B4

    • info@ftpackaging.ca
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